Foundational Truth for Men

What are we waiting for as Christians? Be about His work and allow your death to get in the way of your efforts.
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One of the greatest enemies we face in this life is the one that lives within us. Battle yourself daily. If you don't understand, ask.
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The real message of Christmas is you no longer have to die. There was sent to us a child who would bear the sins of the world to make forgiveness possible for all of humanity. It’s not about presents or family but about the greatest gift ever given.
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Stop trying to control your life. God knows better than you.
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Every religion is trying to figure out how humanity can be rid of sin. Jesus comes along and says, "I'm the way the truth and the life. No man comes to the father. But through me" - Christianity is the only faith that answers the question that every man desperately wants to hear.
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Go to church. Not digitally. Actually attend.
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Owning your own crap is a hard thing because it is ultimately the essence of humility. Be humble enough to know you're not ok. Humility is the key to salvation.
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God will give you the strength to endure whatever the trial is.
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The greatest dream of all philosophers is the word became flesh. The greatest dream of all religion is an intervention of God in history to die and rise and conquer death and return.
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He helps the helpless. He helps those that cry out to him. You want to find Jesus? He's next to the brokenhearted.
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The Gospel will change you if you let it. Kill your idols. They are worthless and unnecessary. Be made new and live for things that truly matter.
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God knows better than we do. He knows it all and still loves us. He calls to us to turn to him. Hearing "Well done" is all that matters. It's not what others think about you but what God thinks about you that matters.
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The Mission

To answer the questions men are really asking. Not church talk. Simple truth laid out plainly in forms that are shareable. We want to help the men of our generation accomplish the Great Commission by using the tools and forum of today.

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Plain & Simple

MAKE READY EXISTS TO speak truth to men.

We were meant for more. Our world is broke and so are we. Anger, despair, rejection and disappointment are commonplace. Men need truth.

But where is truth? What is truth?

We used to gather together to discuss truth. We assembled in the temples, the acropolis and the synagogues. Ideas came and went until, one day, Jesus entered the conversation. He shared truth with a few men whom shared the same truth with others – they changed the world forever.

The words Jesus spoke are still true. It might not make sense because it goes against what you’ve heard or what you think, but it was the same way for those men too. God has never changed. We can do it his way or do it our way.

YOU WERE CREATED TO KNOW GOD and we want to help you go deeper.

Social media is today’s marketplace of ideas – the forum to discuss those ideas is different but the message is the same. You were created for more.

Wanna know more?

Let us help you connect and go deeper.