Foundational Truth for Men

The emphasis is on the misconception that one must change the entire world when, in reality, impacting just one individual within a specific group can spark a transformative movement. Discipleship is a catalyst for modification, where one person pouring into another initiates a ripple effect. The essence of obedience lies in recognizing that the world does not revolve around oneself; rather, it's a story written for all but not about any single individual. This realization prompts a shift in perspective towards outward focus and a desire to positively influence even just one person. #discipleship
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Feeling lost? There is a creator who has made you for more than pleasure. Live you life with purpose. Some day it will all come to the light. #livewell #purposedrivenlife
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Dads live your life in pursuit of the ordinary faithfulness of leading your family well. Take the extra time to do the things no one else will ever see. Because it’s in the ordinary exercise of Christianity where find our opportunity to die to ourselves. #fatherhood #theordinary
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God wants you to play a part in what He is doing. Ask Him for it. He allows you to be a part of what He has ordained to happen. Be a child in the hands of a loving father. #prayerchangesthings
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Love people. The approach to relationships has to be out of love for other people. Not to simply change actions. #servepeople #changetheworld
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We have a great opportunity to fight a battle to bring light to the darkness. #spiritualawakening
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Toxic masculinity isn’t real. Masculinity is made by God anything toxic isn’t masculine, it’s something else. #men #truthquotes
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If you want to help people reach the top, your job as a leader is to climb the ladder and then climb it backwards to help those who are after you. Bring them along with you. #noretirement #discipleship
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Seek first God. Be about His business. You want to find Jesus, ask Jesus.
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The Bible judges men, not the other way around. Open its pages and be laid bare before the words of God. Don’t be ignorant and toss it away as just some old book. Read it.
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Jesus came because he knew we were messed up. Jesus says, "I have designed you. I have created you. I will get you clean. I will make you right." Merry Christmas.
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There's no plateauing. It's just either you're going towards Christ or you're going away from him. It's reading your Bible, prayer, fellowship with the believers, church. It's right here for you.
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The Mission

To answer the questions men are really asking. Not church talk. Simple truth laid out plainly in forms that are shareable. We want to help the men of our generation accomplish the Great Commission by using the tools and forum of today.

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Plain & Simple

MAKE READY EXISTS TO speak truth to men.

We were meant for more. Our world is broke and so are we. Anger, despair, rejection and disappointment are commonplace. Men need truth.

But where is truth? What is truth?

We used to gather together to discuss truth. We assembled in the temples, the acropolis and the synagogues. Ideas came and went until, one day, Jesus entered the conversation. He shared truth with a few men whom shared the same truth with others – they changed the world forever.

The words Jesus spoke are still true. It might not make sense because it goes against what you’ve heard or what you think, but it was the same way for those men too. God has never changed. We can do it his way or do it our way.

YOU WERE CREATED TO KNOW GOD and we want to help you go deeper.

Social media is today’s marketplace of ideas – the forum to discuss those ideas is different but the message is the same. You were created for more.

Wanna know more?

Let us help you connect and go deeper.