Our Mission

We exist to make men ready to pursue the Great Commission by exposure to truth from the authority of Godly wisdom through digital content and authentic, in person relationships with other men. To answer the questions people are really asking. Not church talk. Simple truth laid out plainly in shareable formats. We want to help men accomplish the Great Commission in our generation using the tools and forum of today.

How we do it?


Audience Building

Thought provoking truth claims from the authority of wisdom in 60 seconds or less. Mastery in life for men via motivational content.


Knowledge Building

Masterclass-style how-to videos that unpack life’s parallels through man-skills education. Theologically accurate responses to culture, business politics and family from a strong biblical worldview.


Community Building

Convert men to community. We can’t live on content alone. Partner with local churches, small groups and individuals to assist real life change over a lifetime of relationship.

Who’s doing it?

Scott Stickane


Film director, designer, architect by training. Logical systems oriented approach to life and faith. Connecting the dots by making big vision more simple.

Bryan Sims


Post-production professional, story finder, engineer by training. Relationship collector with a high degree of inter-personal skills. Details matter.

Owen Strachan


Theologian, competitor, educational leader. Fearless passion drives the conversation into the next generation. Author and systematically brilliant.


When Jesus and the disciples came to proclaim the good news of what God was doing on Earth, they went to where people discussed ideas. The synagogues, the temples, the acropolis, the forums of the day were where ideas were shared. Likewise, MakeReady creates content aimed to engage people in the modern day marketplace of ideas… social media. 30 seconds isn’t much, but its enough to put a pebble in the shoe of your worldview. Foundational building blocks of faith can then be added one piece of authentic content at a time.


The irreducible complexity of theology

We believe Jesus is God 
We believe Jesus died and was resurrected and ascended physically
We believe we were created by God with a purpose
We believe people are sinful and broken
We believe our greatest need is to be reconciled with God
We believe God sent Jesus into the world to reconcile us to Him
We believe the Bible is perfectly reliable and accurate
We believe God is knowable and wants a relationship with us
We believe Jesus will return and bring an end to history


The level of Biblical literacy amongst Christians is abysmal. This problem is compounded by the fact young people don’t read books anymore, while nearly all young people use social media daily. 

The bigger problem is, the forums are filled with dancing, crotch-shot, funny-cat, pimple-popping videos with an occasional clip from Joe Rogan, which quickly becomes accepted truth or at the very least an acceptable theory held in mental escrow. 

Joe Rogan, Ben Shapiro, Andrew Tate and Jordan Peterson are on to something. WHILE you may not agree with their messages, there is not denying their messages resonate deeply with men. All truth is God’s truth. As Christians we have a corner on the truth. No one else has words from the Creator. The truth belongs to Christians.

MakeReady is to provide words of truth into the modern day forum in a watchable, high-quality and authentic fashion. We want to “make ready” a younger generation to be see the truth clearly and to provide tools for believers to share applied principles. Demystify the Christian faith. Answer the questions people are really asking. Not church talk. Simple truth laid out plainly in forms that are shareable and entertaining.

Why us?

We are uniquely positioned. We have operated as a commercial production company for the past 10 years, making high-end television advertisements for some of the world’s largest brands. Years of Biblical training and ministry experience. It appears we have been brought together for this very moment. This is our “walking by faith” moment… to take Jesus at His word and to make an attempt to fulfill the Great Commission as it applies to us.

It makes no worldly sense, but what else are we going to do with our lives? What more than to enjoy the skills and time to be about the things God is about.